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Being a part of a TogetherWeCan Community of Influence gives you the opportunity to have a real say and a real influence in that community.

At TogetherWeCan we give you your own space so that you can really influence what happens in your community. The space is your space and it is up to you to decide how you get involved. It will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time every other month. Short tea-breaks are posted up for you to view. These may be surveys, polls or discussions so we can gather your valuable opinions. Earn community points for every tea-break you take part in. All contributions are welcome. All contributions appreciated. And there’s many other ways you can get involved with other people in your community. Do what you can. The choice is yours. Anyone who is over 16 can join our Community of Influence. On registering you will be asked to provide a few brief details about yourself. This information will not be shared with anyone and will only be used to ensure we understand more about your interests.

Setting up a community of influence
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Are you interested in setting up or taking forward a community of influence.

It may be that you already meet with a group socially and your conversations may be about the type of services you receive. Would you like to influence what actually happens and ensure the views of your community are heard. We can help. It could be that a community of influence already exists that would really welcome your input and your suggestions for how things could be improved. Let us put you in touch with people who share your interests. Anyone who is over 16 can be given help and guidance on how to set up a community of influence.

Do you commission or provide a public service?
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Why would you like to connect with TogetherWeCan:

As a provider of a public service we need your views. Why not share space with users of the service so you can share ideas and better understand each other’s views and needs.

We will give you access to a suite of engagement tools so you can listen to the views and needs of people who live and work in the community you serve. With access to our unique community workspace, you can share details of your own activities, open up partnerships with others and increase efficiencies and the impact of the engagements you are planning.

More about tea-breaks and community points

At TogetherWeCan, we recognise that people are busy but still have an opinion on many issues that affect the way they live their lives. We therefore use Tea-Breaks to engage with people and their communities. So take a Tea-Break, and help influence the services that are delivered in your community.

Community Points is a new and exciting way of rewarding people for the small amount of time they are prepared to give up. At TogetherWeCan, we believe it is important that people are recognised for what they put in to help their community. So, whether it's 5 minutes a month to complete an on-line Tea-Break or 5 days to more time as a volunteer, we will recognise the time you give by awarding community points. Every three months, we will add up the points generated across our communities of influence, and with help from our sponsors, contributions will be recognised by charity donations and help with nominated community projects.

Community Points