Growth and reach of @It’s yourWales is all about passion

Community involvement and the sharing of great Welsh inspiration and passion has all helped community engagement architects It’syourWales build exceptional reach across Wales and its communities.

In October 2015, It’syourWales selected twitter as its preferred social media channel for connecting with communities across Wales. In just 8 months, It’syourWales has built an amazing following and 14K people now follow It’syourWales, with a reach of 1M impressions every month.

Much of this success can be attributed to the considerable attention paid to the sharing of inspirational stories and photography and collectively engaging with those passions held by communities across Wales.

With followers @ItsYourWales such as Michael Sheen, Welsh inspiration and Unicef ambassador, these passions are very much alive and well.

• RETWEETS 180 LIKES 278 Top Tweet earned 21.2K impressions

• RETWEETS 84 LIKES 288 Top Tweet earned 40.7K impressions

It’syourWales will now be working in partnership with organisations across Wales that share passions for growth, success and community well-being.

To find out more about the growth of It’syourWales and how the engagement and collaboration platform can support your own plans, contact Jonathan.