38K views per month and growing – Croydon shows how

From now till the end of 2016, PMNet will be holding a number of ‘Show & Tell’ sessions to share examples of success and good practice when it comes to engaging and connecting with service users and stakeholders.

A number of events are being planned across the UK.

The first ‘Show & Tell’ will be held in London and we will be inviting Croydon Council, the largest of the London Borough’s to showcase their unique platform for engaging with members of the public, communities and stakeholders.

This is an ‘invitation only’ event being held with the support of Barclays Bank Eagle Labs. PMNet has been taken on as a Barclays Digital Eagle to finalise and launch their latest engagement product – Community Passport.

Croydon Council is the first Council to integrate and connect its engagements as a seamless link to its My Account.

With page views now at an incredible 38,285 per month, with, on average 12 activities and engagements run every month, and with over 80 members of staff now involved in running activities, effective community engagement is very much at the heart of policy and practice at Croydon.

So what made it all possible?

What resources were required?

What types of engagements have been run?

What next for Croydon?

For full details of the London ‘Show & Tell’ and other events to be run on-line and across the UK, please register your interest here.